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Clinging to the rainbow,

I know your promise stands,

your sky is lit by sunset

held in loving hands.

At times it disappears yet

I know my eyes can’t see

all life’s eternal moments

you have planned for me.

Clinging to your promise

I know you rose on high

 and in the morning I will

behold the dawn lit sky.

Yes, clinging to the rainbow

although it may be night,

I know your promise stands

in everlasting light.

Clinging to the promise

Your love has given me,

That I will live forever,

I’m yours eternally.

Jenny Glazebrook



I saw you lying by the road, battered, bleeding and bruised,

crying out for help to those who constantly refused.

Drawn to you, I knelt beside, and wept to see your state,

ignoring danger to myself, just thinking of your fate.

Alone, I lifted up your load and struggled to my feet,

despite my aches I carried you, accepting no defeat.

Within my heart I felt that you were drawn as much to me

and so I had to carry you despite the life long fee.


I judged the Priest walking past, who did not stop for you,

and angrily I thought unjust the blind, denying Jew.

The Priest suggested prayer for you in God's own dwelling place,

the Jew said I should find an Inn- I quickened up my pace.

Past the Inn where you could rest, I did not trust them there

in case with wrong approach they healed and knew not how to care.

Past the Doctor walking by, for raw wounds he might touch,

I could not bear to see you hurt - I felt for you too much.


Many passed us and some asked, wounded or just tired,

directions to God's dwelling place or to the Inn required.

One asked me to carry him or part of his small bag

but walked away as he saw my weary shoulders sag.

Yet as I walked you did not heal despite my soothing words,

time I gave, hours I prayed, your pain just re-occurred.

Until at last you cursed my name and weary there I lay,

watching as you once more fell there wounded by the way.


I let the future helpers down by bearing you alone,

not seeing how with so much ease I could lead them home.

The Priest returned, refreshed by God, and then He lifted me,

and then the Jew came back with help given to us free.

Let me gain my strength once more, accept the helper's hand

to take us to the Inn where they both heal and understand.

I could not carry you alone, your wounds were far to great

and in compassion but no sense I made much worse your state.


Jenny Crooks (Glazebrook)




I tended the flowers I grew in my garden

thinking of you all the while,

carefully then, I picked out the best

and carried them many a mile.

Reaching your home, I knocked on your door

longing to spend time with you,

smiling you reached out your hand for the gift

rejoicing and thanking me, too.


You exclaimed at the colours, the beauty, the fragrance

then ran to show every neighbour,

while there I still waited, alone at your door

receiving no fruit for my labour.

With care they were placed in a most precious vase,

a treasure displayed in your window,

you pointed them out to family and friends,

your face filled with pride and aglow.


So I came back later and knocked once again,

you laughed in delight that I called,

content in the thought, you carried on working

forgetting who stood at your door.

I watched every day as each flower faded

and the petals all fell to the floor,

waiting, I wondered how long til you'd notice

I still stood alone at your door.


Your days were so busy, you finished so tired

I bothered no more with my knocking,

til one day you noticed the gift still remained,

brittle and lifeless, now rotting.

Finally then you turned to see me,

hearing the longing within,

not claiming the gift, but loving the giver

when at last you invited me in.


Jenny Glazebrook

March 2000










Blind all my life, and used to that way

yet always longing to see light of day,

then told about Jesus, the man who could heal,

He met my need - I'm proof He is real.

He opened my eyes and now I can see,

forgave all my wrongs and set my heart free.


But when my eyes opened, the sun was too bright -

not at the time, but now in hindsight.

The way was too open, my choices too great,

the colour was blinding in my once blind state.

I longed for the past and how things once were,

familiar ways are what I prefer.


So, I've shut my eyes - I'm walking the way

I have from the start - without seeing day.

I know its all there, the colour, the light,

I know I can see if I decide right,

but habits die hard, I don't want to change

I'm happy with knowing true light is in range.


Here I now am, as always I've been,

secure in my blindness, though once I have seen.

Please don't disturb me, if you don't mind

I know that the light is easy to find,

but with eyes shut so long, like this I will stay -

just please don't tell Jesus I'm living this way!



Jenny Glazebrook






The Court room was silent, reflecting my plea,

my guilt and my shame had caught up with me,

I felt all the weight of sin, pain and strife,

they called out my name and I feared for my life.

True, I'd been pardoned by a Judge long ago -

who in love, from that time, I had now come to know.

He'd stepped down from His place as a brother and friend,

He'd paid for my freedom, put my shame to an end.


And yet now, again, I had wandered away

despite the great price He had settled that day.

I felt burdened with fear and a sorrow much more

than I could remember ever feeling before.

My accuser there stood with a gleam in his eyes,

in that moment I saw through his crafty disguise,

"You have let the Judge down, - He who helped you instead,

your response is ungrateful, you are worthless!" he said.


I knew it was true and I wanted to run

before the Judge came and saw what I'd become,

I heard every footstep as the Judge entered in,

He came to my side - I could not look at Him.

"You're not guilty, my child! I have said it before!",

smiled a voice so familiar as I looked up in awe.

"Believe not the lies the accuser has told,

my gift of forgiveness forever will hold!".


The eyes of my Judge, my Redeemer and friend

lovingly promised me a life with no end,

I turned then to leave, but He stayed by my side,

taking my hand in His own as my guide.

He remained by my side as we left that cold room,

and as I looked back it resembled a tomb.

It was then that He said I was never alone,

He had risen and He would keep walking me home.



Jenny Crooks (Glazebrook)


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