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I am Jenny Glazebrook (nee Crooks) and I love writing inspirational Christian fiction.

I grew up in the small town of Gundagai, Australia and after many years living in other parts of Australia, I returned with my husband Rob and four children, Micah, Merridy, Clarity and Amelia.

We have added many pets to our family including two blue-tongue lizards, a cat, a goose, a budgie (parakeet), many chickens, rescue birds (including a cockatoo, galahs and rosellas), a sheep who thinks she's a dog and a dog who thinks he's a sheepdog.

I had a difficult childhood struggling with medical issues (including a cleft lip and palate and type 1 diabetes) and came to a point of complete brokenness when I was 13. It was at this point God reached in, showed His love for me through Jesus, and gave me a reason to live. I am now passionate about helping people understand what it means to have a deep and real relationship with God and I see writing fiction as an enjoyable way to show others how to live with joy and purpose in this broken world.

Several of my novels have been finalists in the CALEB awards for faith inspired writing.

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