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I love this quote from author, Beatrix Potter:

 “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.”

Likewise, there is something exciting about a new year. I have no idea where God will take me, my family or my characters in 2018, but I'm looking forward to spending more time writing.

I am currently revising the second book in my Young Aussie Heart series and looking forward to the first book being returned with edits from my publisher. Titles are never easy for me, but I am considering replacing the title of 'Nobody Hugs Rod Green' with 'Dare of the heart' and 'Somebody loves Beth Bateman' will become 'Dream of Beth's heart' ... maybe. Let's see where the stories take me.

26th January - Australia Day


It's a huge honour for my 13 year old daughter Merridy to be selected as Gundagai's Young Citizen of the year for 2017. She will receive her award at the Gundagai Australia Day ceremony and will give a speech.
She was nominated because of her work as a Wildlife Warrior and her caring, giving nature. She's a delight to have in our family and she amazes me every day with her heart for God, people and all living things! Merridy sells photo books and photo blocks of Aussie wildlife. All photos are taken by her and all proceeds go to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

26-28th October - Omega Writers' Conference


I am taking a year off being chaplain for the Omega Writers' Conference for 2018. Health issues, finances and family needs make this a good decision, but confirming it all is God's quiet voice in my heart. I hope to return as chaplain for 2019. 

Last conference was a very special time and I would encourage all writers and would-be writers to attend! It's being held in Adelaide this year.

To find out more about it, go to 

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