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Aussie Sky Series

Young Adult Inspirational Christian Fiction about an ex-circus family of stunt riders, their relationship with God and the lives they touch.
Blaze in the Storm


Why would a girl who has everything going for her need God? Bonnie Blake's life is complete. She is athletic, intelligent, popular and attractive. But an unusual family has arrived in town. Straight from the circus, the horse-crazy Clements family are unlike any Bonnie has ever known. What is is about them that upsets the balance of her secure and perfect world? And why does she feel so drawn to the eldest son, Blaze, and his ideas about God? 

Released: 1st September, 2014

Heart of Thunder


Beauty Clements hates her name. In fact, she hates just about everything and everyone. When she is sent to live with her brother, Blaze, she does everything she can to cause trouble. Bound up in bitterness and guilt, she can't see any way free of the pain that drives her. Is it possible for Blaze to get through to her? And is there any way to undo the damage Beauty has caused and show her that God's love and forgiveness is more powerful than anything she has done in her past?

Released: 10th October, 2014

Clouds of Prayer


Prince Clements captured Rachel's attention the moment he left the circus and walked into her school. But she is a minister's daughter with a deep faith expressed through her gift of music and Prince is a charming stunt rider whose life revolves around his horse

When disaster strikes, Rachel's faith is challenged. Can she discover who she really is and stand up against temptation? Should Prince be a part of her new life?

Released 12th February, 2015

Mist of the Morning


A disturbing secret, a dying brother, a difficult decision.
Misty Clements has always been clumsy. Even as a child growing up in the circus she was accident-prone. So why can she balance perfectly on the back of a cantering horse? Roy Haydeen can't work out if she is extremely clever and manipulative or if she is as lost and alone in the world as she seems. But he could never have guessed the secret Misty is hiding from him, the secret that’s keeping her from God and threatening the future of everyone she loves.

Released: 1st July 2015

Clinging to Rainbows


Is a life of fame all it's cracked up to be?

Prince receives a job offer too good to pass up. But is it also too good to be true? And how will life in the spotlight affect Rachel and the newborn twins?

Tori is on the run from her past and from the law. If she wants to survive she needs to change her identity. It seems like a good idea to become Storm Clements and find a job in a circus. But coming face to face with the real Storm Clements was never part of her plan. And living in survival mode doesn't leave room for God. Or is making him a part of her life the only way she can truly live?

Released: May, 2016

Forgiving Sky


Fears, failure, forgiveness and hope for the future.

Starre Clements loves working in animal rescue. When she is called out to rescue a horse caught in barbed wire, her past finally catches up with her. She needs to face her fears and learn to forgive if she is to know joy again.

Sky Clements has never come to terms with the fact her father abandoned her as a baby. Now Prince wants to reconnect with her, but how can she forgive him for years of empty promises? And how can she accept God's forgiveness if she doesn't? Sky knows she needs to forgive, but it will take a miracle.

At Camp Oaken, miracles are waiting to happen as the whole Clements family reunite and discover God's amazing plan for their future.

Released: June, 2016

Australian readers, please note: Jenny is happy to give you a discount if you buy her books directly from her. Please feel free to email her at to ask what discounts she can offer you.

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