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Aussie Sky series

For the first time ever, I'm writing in a multi-author series.



Welcome to Trinity Lakes, a warm and welcoming small town in east Washington,

filled with charm, family, and friends, where fresh starts, second chances,

and romance abound.  This series of standalone Christian romances will warm your

heart, inspire your faith, and bring a smile to your soul.

Something New...


My eBook, WHERE OUR HEARTS LIE can now be
ordered for 3.99 on Amazon. 

Can two hurting hearts find where they belong?


Hallie Hollaway is the daughter of missionaries and a child prodigy who desperately wants to fit in. When her first meeting with an internet boyfriend goes horribly wrong, she escapes to her childhood home of Trinity Lakes — the only place she has ever felt safe and loved.


Josh Ladan is the pastor’s kid who dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps, until one tragic summer in Australia changed everything. Now Hallie, his clever childhood friend, is back in Trinity Lakes. Josh is closely guarding a secret that he fears will disappoint Hallie, but he’s determined to do all he can to prove himself to her.


Hallie is drawn to Josh, but holds herself back, believing she is unworthy of love. Can Hallie and Josh allow God to work in their hearts and lives to restore trust and hope for a future together? 



Whilst each story in the series stands on it's own, I would strongly encourage you to buy the whole multi- author series and enjoy the full picture of the beautiful town of Trinity Lakes and the characters who live there.

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Now available!

Living MElody final cover.jpg

The Bateman Family Novels
Published by DOLL Ministries 
(Daughters of Love and Light)

Book 5

Living Melody

Kamira Creek is Melody Cairn’s favourite place in the world. After twelve years on the mission field it feels like heaven to be home.


But with two beautiful, talented sisters who are making their way up in the Christian music world, Melody wonders why God made her so ordinary. And why did he allow her to have the lisp that disqualifies her from performing with her sisters?


When a grown-up Billy Green arrives at the farm, Grandmother Bateman is adamant that Melody should have nothing to do with him. The only problem is, the feelings Melody had for him when she was a little girl have only grown stronger with the years.


What will it take for Melody to understand the value of the unique gifts God has given her? Can she learn to trust him completely with her life as well as the lives of those she loves most?

eBook not yet available

Please email Jenny for a special price of $20 per Bateman Family Novel plus a flat rate of $10 postage*.

*The flat rate of $10 postage applies for a purchase of up to 50 books. Contact me for discount rates for larger purchases.


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