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Aussie Sky series

For the first time I've written a women's fiction novel

(with a bit of romance and suspense added).

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Something New...


What do you do when your world is turned upside down?

Ella Glade has chosen never to compete with her beautiful, talented half-sister Verity. But Verity doesn’t have the same idea.


When loss leaves Ella broken-hearted, she chooses to move forward, using her creative gifts to help others, and finding her own way in life, far away from her sister.


But now a grieving child has been placed in her care and Ella is forced to question her values, face her past, and place her life and safety in the hands of others.


Does she need to sacrifice herself and her dreams again, or can she trust that God has the world in His hands and her best interests at heart?

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The final Book in my Bateman Family Series

is coming SOON.


Upcoming Release ...

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Latest Release ...

In Truth and Love

She wants to leave before she gets hurt again.

But what if it’s too late?

Jodie Ladan is tired of goodbyes. People have come and gone her whole life, and this time she refuses to be the one left behind. It’s time to take control, move to New York, and live out her dream of being a journalist. She’s already been accepted into NYU and her plans are coming together.

Brandon Taylor’s life is unraveling before his eyes. His mother is dying, he has seriously wounded a friend, and to add insult to injury, a distant relative is trying to have his father’s house demolished. 

Can anything else go wrong? Or can God use what others have meant for harm, for good?

Brandon and Jodie discover that when they speak the truth in love, God gives them every weapon they need to demolish the strongholds of the enemy.

Trinity Lakes is about to witness a battle for truth that only God can win.




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Now available in eBook as well as print!

The Bateman Family Novels
Published by DOLL Ministries 
(Daughters of Love and Light)

Living MElody final cover.jpg

Book 5

Living Melody

Kamira Creek is Melody Cairn’s favourite place in the world. After twelve years on the mission field it feels like heaven to be home.


But with two beautiful, talented sisters who are making their way up in the Christian music world, Melody wonders why God made her so ordinary. And why did he allow her to have the lisp that disqualifies her from performing with her sisters?


When a grown-up Billy Green arrives at the farm, Grandmother Bateman is adamant that Melody should have nothing to do with him. The only problem is, the feelings Melody had for him when she was a little girl have only grown stronger with the years.


What will it take for Melody to understand the value of the unique gifts God has given her? Can she learn to trust him completely with her life as well as the lives of those she loves most?

Please email Jenny for a special price of $20 per Bateman Family Novel plus a flat rate of $10 postage*.

*The flat rate of $10 postage applies for a purchase of up to 50 books. Contact me for discount rates for larger purchases.


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