Aussie Sky series

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The Bateman Family novels

Published by D.O.L.L. (Daughters of Love and Light)



Book 1

Daring Clare 

Mischievous Clare Bateman has accepted one too many of her brother’s crazy dares.

Now she is being sent away, to the Cairn family farm in the tiny town of Kamira Creek.

Clare vows never to accept a dare again, but discovers there is one dare left … a challenge that will take more courage to accept than the last ten years of dares combined.

What secrets are the Cairn family hiding and why does Rod Green despise her? What is troubling Fleur Lester? And what makes Philip Cairn so different from anyone she’s ever met before?

Clare is taken on a journey of faith, hope and love as family secrets are revealed and she learns the sorrow and joy that come with living completely for God in a broken world.





Book 2

Saving Beth 

Quiet and sensitive Beth Bateman has a big heart and a passion for Aussie wildlife.

When troubled wards of the state arrive at the Cairn’s farm, tragedy strikes, destroying Beth’s dreams for life. As she battles depression and anxiety, she discovers that sometimes the rescuer needs rescuing.

Does she dare to let go and let God fight for her?

Can she trust that God offers a future and hope so much greater than her shattered dreams?

Book 3

Framing Fleur


Dan Bateman has been forced to move to the small town of Caldon to finish his apprenticeship and he’s not impressed. But then he crosses paths with feisty Fleur Lester. Is she really the daughter of a millionaire? What secret is she hiding?

Fleur instinctively fights against Dan. The abuse and betrayal she suffered as a child leaves her unwilling to trust anybody, especially an insensitive tease like Dan Bateman. Can such deep heart-wounds be healed?

What will it take for both Dan and Fleur to trust the Father heart of God and accept his undying love for them?


Book 4

Seeing Jess

Jess Cardelle likes to fix people. She’s used to being the helper, the dependable one. But losing her brother Toby in an accident was never part of the plan. Why didn’t God give her a chance to save him?


When Tim Bateman begins seeing Jess for physiotherapy after losing a limb in the same train crash that took Toby’s life, Jess finds it hard to deal with his angry, bitter tirades.


And when her bubbly, fifteen-year-old sister Milla begins losing her sight, Jess is pushed to the limit. How can she maintain her friendly, professional façade when her world is falling apart and she is helpless to fix it? Where is God in all of this?